Symmetrics Group scores a big hit with content marketing

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Simplemind Inc helps the global sales consultancy turn their primary research into a highly shared and engaged leadership series. Using marketing automation tools we were able to measure heavy engagement with high opens, clicks throughs, direct and social shares, and increased web traffic within hours of the first series distribution. We used a combination of ingredients that are shown to dramatically increase engagement and online conversions and will continue to apply these to the series.

The Symmetrics Group is a rapidly growing sales consultancy working with some of the world’s top sales organizations. The deep collective experience and wisdom their consultants bring combined with valuable primary research they conduct presents a valuable proposition for those wanting to know how navigate a major sales organization transformation. In order to make this wisdom accessible, valuable and engaging we worked with them to create The Symmetrics Sales Leadership Series. In this series the Symmetrics Group leaders have selected the top levers(or in this case shifts) that need to be pulled for sales organizations to transform to high performing organizations. In this infographic we helped translate their primary research into the 6 big points successful sales organizations employ to transform. These guys have piles of first hand experience with sales transformations and great primary research to back it up. This is the first installment of the series which will play a significant role in their content marketing program. The first distribution has been a hit with high activity reading, downloading and sharing the advice. We also noticed via our content marketing tracking tools a spike in interest and traffic to the Symmetrics group website.

our first installment of Symmetrics Group content marketing program


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