Using gaffer tape, Elmers glue, and chicken wire, Michael Taylor combined his passions for communication, simplicity, and design into a 20-year career. One day he realized clients were getting a lot out of this crazy experiment, so he dumped the chicken wire and founded SimpleMind.

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Michael Taylor

Before SimpleMind, Michael lead over 100 B2B accounts as CEO and Creative Director of Merge Agency, a strategic marketing firm based in Atlanta. After a global consulting firm acquired his company in 2004, he expanded the company's reach to 12 cities across the U.S. and six countries across the globe.

In addition to helping companies market complex sales, Michael enjoys teaching people how to cut through the noise with great communication skill, in training workshops, online, on the radio, and anywhere he can help.

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Over 100 of the world's top companies have trusted SimpleMind to help them deliver a compelling story, sell a complex offering, increase technology adoption, align for strategic change, and translate big new ideas to funders, prospects, employees, and partners.

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