New offering messaging workshop:
Catavolt new mobile apps for sales teams

Industry: Technology Start-up
Engagement type: Brand messaging and sales persona workshop
Message development
Sales persona

Process highlights

We conduct our messaging workshops using visual processes that encourage team interaction, collaboration, critical thinking and solid decision making to accelerate essential decisions that pose enough difficulty to require an experienced neutral facilitator with an effective process to work through.

Process Highlights


Workshop Output:
new way vs. old way

Sometimes the best way to help prospects picture the value of your product is to build a picture, not of your product but of the change in their situation. Everyone understands their own situation, and they all understand how their situation can be dramatically improved. Rather than talk about technologies and features, the focus was on how it is in their world today and what could be with the right tools.


Segment snapshot workshop visual

This visual is an extreme distillation of the most important drivers for each specific persona who buys or influences the purchase of their solutions. The process reveal a brand array of needs and drivers, this visual captured the top one for each segment.