You’re invited to the party now what? Anatomy of a $44 million win:
Winter Construction Central Library Project sales campaign

Winning a large sales pursuit often entails more than talking about your offerings and differentiators. If the budget is big then you can be sure your prospect has done their homework and has invited other stunning contenders with similar offerings and differentiators to the same party.
In the case of winter construction, they had a winning team, a stellar track record, and the know how to build an incredible building. So our win strategy was simple, set out your qualifications and team in the clearest terms and frame the proposal in a way that speaks directly to what the city leaders care about the most; executing on a big vision. Organize the information in a way that shows how the skills, people, technologies, and methods relate directly to the big vision for the new library. The new library is a great building that represents the new definition of what a library can be. More than a building tha holds books but a facility that gives all members of the community access to information, technology, and learning that helps them succeed regardless of socioeconomic status. This is the vision that drives the citiy leaders for the center piece of the atalanta library system at the heart of the downtown atlanta


Step 01.

Pursuit team win strategy workshop

Michael Taylor facilitated Winter Pursuit team in a collaborative strategy session which included design partners, lead project manager, firm principals, and preconstruction team. A strong pursuit theme was established setting the foundation for developing sales proposal and presentation.


Thematic exploration

Using the sale pursuit workshop output as the foundation we explored multiple thematic and messaging framework to tell Winter’s story and to deliver Winter’s unique vision for the landmark Atlanta Central Library project


Development of thematic proposal

After several revision and review cycles the team decided on the most powerful and influential framework for building the proposal. SimpleMind collaborated with Winter’s marketing and sales leaders to build a solid editorial product that not only solidly answered the RFP questions but provided a greater vision that elevated the Atlanta Central Library’s presence beyond a building that held books, but the center of all Atlanta’s communities to access information, technologies and as the central location for community groups to come together. We branded the the project “The Central” to reinforce the aspirations of Winter’s vision.


Application of pursuit messaging and thematics to sales presentation

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