Repositioning a healthcare logistics brand to capture a $3 Billion market:

Industry: Healthcare Logistics
Engagement type: Brand repositioning & supporting the strategic marketing program
WEBSITE: online rebranding, analytics, marketing automation tool, and social media integration
CONTENT MARKETING PROGRAM: strategy, editorial development, inbound marketing,  rollout, and management

Work artifacts

Today B2B customers and stakeholders in the healthcare don’t want to be sold; they need insight and advice that helps them better understand how to navigate their fast-changing and complex world. They are more likely to do business with those who support and inspire them to solve their unique challenges and to do their jobs better. Content marketing is about driving leads, and it is also about establishing a connection of trust based on your unique insight that genuinely makes a difference for them. We help clients package and deliver this connection by creating an online presence that strikes an immediate chord with the types of customers you want to meet and nurture. Websites that change perceptions and drive sales are not an event that begins and ends with a redesign, but a dynamic discipline well researched, relevant, timely and engaging.