Positioning a global digital commerce brand for the future:
Rebranding Merchant-e Solutions

Industry: Global Payments
Engagement type: Rebranding, repositioning strategy, new brand identity standards, UX development
Outcome target:
Transforming a white label brand to a business consumer-driven experience

Toolkits used
Process highlights

eMerchant Solutions, a B2B global payments company, needed to expand its reach to a broader, small business market. They needed to move from a business to business brand in the background to an innovative foreground service, offering more ways to transact on more devices and more scenarios tailored to rapidly changing choices and rising expectations for convenience and ease of use.

In association with Marsden Marketing, we designed and led a series of repositioning and remessaging workshops to distill the most compelling propositions and position the company as a new platform that serves its customers better today and in the future. We executed a new friendlier and more intuitive brand where the primary touchpoints would be online and through digital interfaces. We simplified the messaging from a list of services to a more distilled Money In, Money Out, and Money Max Services.

The new brand is now better positioned as a dynamic customer-oriented platform tailored to customer needs. The simplified website, device interfaces and simplified processes make Merchant-e services easier to understand, access, and use.

See the rebranding press release

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