Boiling down Thomson Reuter’s large buyers and influencers for rapid assimilation into sales team:
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Industry: Finance
Engagement type: Sales Team Training
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Customer journey visualizations
Large customer purchasing process
Sales personas
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Training a sales team to sell multimillion-dollar technology products to large, sophisticated organizations requires more than tossing them in the pool and asking them to swim. It requires a keen understanding of the different types of people who own or influence the purchasing decision. Each buyer or influencer type has unique purchasing drivers and priorities that must be understood well for the sales team to move your offering to the top of their list. It is also critical to know how the process of funding and decision making works inside the organization to identify the right timing and actions to take to assure you are converting each stage in their operation. To help the sales team quickly internalize this critical buying information we conducted extensive interviews with their key customer types and boiled down the most important points into a quick reading highly visual set of personas, buyer journey maps, and process visuals to help convert stages and close deals.

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