Anatomy of a $44 million win:
Winter Construction Central Library Project sales campaign

Industry: Commercial Construction
Engagement type: Large sales pursuit
Pursuit team win strategy workshop
Editorial proposal development
Finalist presentation development

In our facilitated pursuit strategy meetings, we helped the Winter Pursuit teamwork through a series of editorial themes that will help encapsulate a compelling vision and winter construction’s role in executing on this vision. Since the firm was highly respected and well known to the city leaders who were the decision makers, we realized it was more powerful to focus on Winter’s unique ability to execute on the vision for the new Central Atlanta Library than to focus on winter’s capability alone. After developing multiple thematic approaches the team decide to brand the vision “The Central”. Using the simple concept of “Building the Central Experience” we were able to organize the many ways Winter could elevate this new Library from a building with books to a Central hub providing access to information, technology, and lifelong learning to the community.


Gathering intelligence & making decisions

In association with consulting partners Scott Bryan and writing team Valverde & Stiles we conducted interviews with leaders, clients, and stakeholders and gathered market intelligence. We then conducted workshops to set the right foundation to help them target and firmly establish their position in the highest growth category in the global eRetailer space


Understanding customers and building the story

Using the intelligence and interview intake we developed personas of key customers and influencers which provided the critical understanding of each person in order to build the most connecting and influential messaging that connected at every level with the people that count.


Explore new ways to express new messaging, story and positioning


Develop new brand assets, website, and The NPSG Global story video


Embedded video brand story targeted to different audiences throughout the website

NPSG Global has a story to tell, and that story is evolving fast in a market that is evolving fast. Once considered a warehouse services provider, NPSG has grown in sophistication and size incorporating robotics integration, eRetail warehouse technologies and the development of their own project management software tailored to managing large scale global expansions efficiently in real time.


Develop a brand style guide for efficient and consistent communications