Moving from construction services to a global integrator:
NPSG Global engagement highlights

Industry: eRetailer integrators (new positioning)
Engagement type: Strategic brand repositioning, sales messaging platform, identity standards
Outcome target:
Improved global positioning to compete with the world’s largest eRetailers

Toolkits used
Process highlights

NPSG Global has a story to tell, and that story is evolving fast in a market that is evolving fast. Once considered a warehouse services provider, NPSG has grown in sophistication and size incorporating robotics integration, eRetail warehouse technologies and the development of their own project management software tailored to managing large scale global expansions efficiently in real time. In order to compete globally NPSG needed a crack branding team that solidly positioned them today with a solid foundation for rapid growth in the future

Toolkit Items Used

Process Highlights


Gathering intelligence & making decisions

In association with consulting partners Scott Bryan and writing team Valverde & Stiles we conducted interviews with leaders, clients, and stakeholders and gathered market intelligence. We then conducted workshops to set the right foundation to help them target and firmly establish their position in the highest growth category in the global eRetailer space
Brand positioning strategy


Understanding customers and building the story

Using the intelligence and interview intake we developed personas of key customers and influencers which provided the critical understanding of each person in order to build the most connecting and influential messaging that connected at every level with the people that count.


Explore new ways to express new messaging, story and visual identity

For us, design is never merely a visual process but an expression of a powerful idea rooted in strategy. The idea driving our design choices was repositioning NPSG into the higher value global eRetailer integrator space and away from their early construction services roots which have become undervalued. To prepare for the design process, we immersed in researching the eRetailer and integrator brands they would partner with and sell to before making decisions regarding the visual identity. Doing our homework before the visual design assures we were making decisions that help achieve the strategic goals.
Visual identity explorations
Before Redesign
After Redesign