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Michael Taylor founded SimpleMind 10 years and has helped over 150 of the world’s top companies grow revenue, launch an idea, outflank competitors, align for change, and translate big ideas to funders, prospects, employees, and partners.

Some great clients and success stories.

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Thomson Reuters
Segmentation definition, large customer research, customer journey mapping and sales personas
Service brand development: brand architecture definition, brand strategy, name development, service brand identity development
North Highland
Global branding of professional services, service offering brand development, sales marketing programs, identity standards development, strategic growth planning, executive alignment workshops
Online rebranding and UX improvement, internal communications campaigns, CIO communications strategy
Johnson & Johnson
Technology services brand development and marketing plan, marketing I.T. services, brand strategy, sales asset development, CIO Communications strategy
Sintec Media
Global sales messaging, brand development, website redesign and development
Customer Matrix
B2B Sales message development, brand strategy, global sales messaging workshops, process branding, name development
Brand repositioning, content marketing campaign, marketing analytics program, executive alignment
Wiley Publishing
Value Messaging Platform, voice of customer research, messaging workshops, sales playbook
Corporate communications, brand development, annual reports, identity standards development
Marketing communications, product marketing, internal alignment communications
UX and marketing of technology services, intranet strategy and development
Product brand development, sales marketing, strategic marketing programs, product marketing, agency of record, advertising, global brand development
Sales message development of technology services, sales executive alignment workshops
Red Cross
Strategy articulation and visualization
Information architecture, UX strategy and design
Digital teaching aids Digital text book development
Amerisource Bergen
Pharmaceutical service branding, market research, brand repositioning, trade show marketing, sales marketing
Symmetrics Group
Sales marketing of professional services Content marketing
Online healthcare campaigns, online features, advertorial development
Global sales marketing, executive alignment workshops, strategic articulation, future state 2020 vision development
Sales marketing, corporate communications, strategic communications, Peabody Awards event marketing
enVision Business Consulting
Brand development for professional services Sales messaging
Turner Broadcasting Sales
Development of high impact sales support
Midtown Consulting Group
Sales marketing for professional services Brand development
Online brand development, UX Development, eCommerce, marketing technology integration
Winter Construction
Large pursuit sales campaigns, brand and message development, design thinking workshops, website development, executive alignment workshops, brand identity
Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Healthcare brand development, research, marketing strategy, trade show marketing, pharmacist recruitment strategy and execution